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A creative wood craftsman: Michael Bördner

Michael Bördner

For more than 30 years I have been working as a cabinetmaker and artist. Art and wood work are my passions and the combination of the two provide the perfect basis for designing creative and extraordinary objects. Creativity, high quality and reliability in our work are top priorities for me and my team in order to forge the strongest relationship with our clients. In addition to the use of top quality woods as well as all accessories, we also ensure that these are obtained from sustainable sources and are safe for the environment.
My greatest luxury: my job is my passion!

Born: 1958 in Gießen
Profesional training: 3-years’ training as a cabinet-maker in Germany
Professional activities:

  • 1976-78 - 2 years as a cabinet-maker in furniture production companies
  • 1978-83 - Independent work as a furniture restorer
  • 1983-85 - Scenery-constructor at the Bordeaux theatre
  • 1985-94 - Independent work as a furniture designer and maker in Germany, Switzerland and Spain
  • 1994 - Finally moved to Spain and worked independently as a cabinetmaker with a focus on similar activities
  • 2000-05 - Set-up own business as boat-builder and furniture designer for sailing boats and yachts in Rosas (Gerona).
  • Finally, in 2006 - he moved back to southern Spain where he set up his current workshop.