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Ikebana Flower Vase – Wabi Sabi

Ikebana vase used as menu holder Ikebana vase used as menu holder
Ikebana vase for the car Ikebana vase for the car

Sizes range from 12x6x10cm to 16x11x9cm. (h x w x d)
Weight ranges from 300 - 800 grams per piece
Product is sold in boxes of 10 pieces.

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Ikebana flower vases are filigree, aesthetic wooden vases - Unique with a long history Miniature artworks of nature, handmade from exotic, often hundreds of years old woods such as olive, orange, acacia, eucalyptus and almond wood. Organic surface treatment with shellac and wax.


The Ikebana flower vas can be fixed to any surface, anywhere where a flower can deliver joy, either ourselves or a loved one. In the house, car, boat, at the window, refrigerator, bedside etc. With multiple additional functions: pencil holder, toothbrush holder or vase for herbs like parsley.

Mounting options

  • Magnet: 1-2 kg strong adhesive magnets for metal surfaces
  • Velcro Fastening Coins: For plastic surfaces (clean the surface first)
  • Quality Sucker Fixation: For glass and other smooth surfaces


Based on the principles of the Japanese / Buddhist philosophy called "WABI SABI", this flower vase documents the transformation of matter; an aesthetic between origin (flower symbolism) and decay (aging of the wood). This is reinforced by the matte surfaces and the natural, individual shaping of these small artworks, which are all unique.