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Modern kitchen with designer glass front

Modern design for the kitchen Modern design for the kitchen
The kitchen is located in the village San José / Natural Park Cabo de Gata (Spain). The house owner wanted a kitchen design in which the blue of the sea is considered that she sees at view from the terrace. The blue fusion glass of the kitchen cabinetry meets this ocean blue and has a texture that reminds of water.

The kitchen countertop is made of granite. The cutting board fits into the smaller sink, whereby the work surface is enlarged. The door handles were made of beech wood and lacquered to match other kitchen elements. The "drawer" top right in the zone of the sink is a pull-out table, which increases the work surface if necessary a lot.

In the cooking island is a circular cutout for the bio-waste. The cover is also made of glass. Below is a pull-out for the dustbin (garbage separation). Below the cooktop is a spacious drawer, which clearly arranged and easily accessible provides all "cooking tools".